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Something about Who ? 

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Here is my short C.V. 
Now i'm working for as linux admin :)
My blog is hosted here
I do love programming in c++ ,lazarus (free pascal), java
and after reading some books of perl found that hacking is a art
of programming know is ugly syntax but is fast to code with and
is amasing what you can do in few lines of code {searching strings
in files etc} ; some says that is unreadable but hey the mfc/.net/xml-soap is
uglier than perl :) (unreadable)
Love open source philosophy and i do anything to support it :
run linux,mozilla,firebird database do the programming in good open sourced
languages, submit bugs when find some etc ...

Want to save my soul  by NOT using microsoft apps .
More i use linux more i like it (is like virus) and
hope one day it will be in any home ...
(Yah world domination hehehe )
Now i have installed Fedora Core2 on my axp2600+ (T-bred core) . Here
are the details my borkstation
my next upgrade will be an athlon64 (2800+) or an opteron (140 series).